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HONEY MAID Sweet Holiday House

Skip gingerbread houses and make holiday building simpler by reaching for HONEY MAID Honey Grahams to make houses that are easy and delicious!

Let's whip it up

Prep time:

0 min

Total time:

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Ingredient list

  • 9 HONEY MAID Honey Grahams, divided
  • 1 container (16 oz.) ready-to-spread white frosting
  • 17 Mini OREO Cookies, split
  • 34 SOUR PATCH KIDS Candies
  • 8 small candy canes
  • Decorations: assorted small green, red and white candies; holly candy decors; green decorating icing

Nutrition facts

Recipe Tips


Trim 1-inch piece off one short end of each of 2 grahams for sides of house; set small trimmed pieces aside. Cut 2 corners off top of each large trimmed graham piece to form a peaked top; set aside.


Spoon frosting into pastry bag fitted with small round tip. Place 1 of the remaining grahams on foil- or parchment-covered baking sheet or tray for base of house. Stand 2 whole grahams (for front and back of house), and 2 peaked graham pieces (for sides of house) around base of house, using some of the frosting to attach all pieces together. Top with 2 of the remaining whole grahams for the roof, securing all pieces with some of the remaining frosting. Let stand 1 hour or until frosting is firm.


Meanwhile, cut remaining whole grahams and graham pieces into smaller pieces to make 6 windows, 2 doors, 1 doorway and stepping stones for path. Decorate doors and windows with small candies and some of the remaining frosting as desired. Let stand until ready to use.


Use frosting to attach mini cookies, in slightly overlapping horizontal rows, on roof pieces to resemble shingles. Pipe frosting along top edge of roof; stand SOUR PATCH KIDS Candies in frosting.


Break curved ends off candy canes; attach curved pieces to roof with frosting as shown in photo. Reserve remaining candy cane pieces for snacking or another use.


Use frosting to attach windows and doors to house as shown. Arrange cut graham pieces in front of door to make a path. Add SOUR PATCH KIDS Candies to path, doorway and sides of house as shown. Decorate with remaining ingredients as desired. Let stand 1 hour or until frosting is dry.

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