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RITZ Deli "Sandwiches"

Who wouldn't love bite size sandwiches? With flavorful deli sandwich filling stacked between RITZ Crackers, these appetizers are great for a tailgate party.

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Prep time:

0 min

Total time:

0 min



Ingredient list

  • 48 RITZ Crackers, divided
  • 24 small pieces leaf lettuce
  • 3 campari tomatoes, each cut into 4 slices
  • 4 slices deli-style roasted turkey breast, each cut into thirds
  • 4 slices cooked bacon, each cut into thirds
  • 2 Tbsp. ranch dressing
  • 4 slices small Genoa salami, each cut into thirds
  • 3 provolone cheese slices, each cut into quarters
  • 4 slices deli Black Forest ham, each cut into thirds
  • 3 roasted red pepper strips, each cut into quarters
  • 2 Tbsp. creamy Italian dressing

Nutrition facts

Recipe Tips


Place 24 crackers in single layer on serving tray or board; top with lettuce.


Top 12 of the lettuce-topped crackers with 1 piece EACH tomato, turkey and bacon; drizzle with ranch dressing.


Top remaining lettuce-topped crackers with 1 piece EACH salami, provolone, ham and red pepper; drizzle with Italian dressing.


Cover with remaining crackers to make 24 sandwiches.

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